The Science of being rich

Wallace Wattles talked about the science of getting rich in his book which was written in 1910.  The laws on which the science of getting rich are based are  as timeless  and as relevant today as  that information was  in 1910. You might say that you do not wish to be rich and I perfectly understand this. However, you cannot deny that you have the unalienable right to be abundant. All of God’s creation does.  Let us live life like the Creator intended and create our personal Garden of Eden. Wallace Wattles can show you how to do it. Download this free e book today!


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Hi, my name is Heather and I live in Barbados. I started this blog to promote my country as well as the Caribbean region and also for light hearted interests like the love of landscapes, architecture, history and writing. While the purpose is clear, the precise content is not so I am going to ramble on on this journey to fulfillment of musing on things worthwhile, not the usual humdrum of existence. If ever, you think there is something I should consider for my musings, just let me know.

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